Our Background

Montage's Origination

It all started back in 2014 when Mark Colgan and Bob Bleier were attending a business conference at “The Montage” at Laguna Beach, California. One evening after the day’s events had concluded, they were comparing notes about their “takeaways” from the conference. As much as they appreciated the content of the business sessions, it became evident that their biggest impression was the remarkable service they had received as guests at The Montage resort. Both Mark and Bob agreed that not even the five-star resorts held a candle to The Montage. The staff treated each guest like they were family and were very creative about finding ways to “make their guest’s day special.”

Montage Reception

For example, on the second evening at The Montage Mark, his wife Kathy and his children Emily (6 at the time) and Christopher (8 at the time) went out for dinner. During dinner, Emily was talking about how she had lost her tooth and was hopeful the tooth fairy might pay her a visit. Her older brother giggled and said the tooth fairy didn't travel to hotels. After dinner, upon returning to the room, much to everybody surprise, Emily had a note on her pillow from “the tooth fairy.” Written in fancy calligraphy, the personalized note talked about how Emily always seemed to lose her teeth while on vacations—a truism that only few people knew about. There was also a small yet fancy bottle of purple fairy dust under the pillow. Upon discovering this, both Emily and Christopher were shocked. They exclaimed, “Wait, you were with us since we left the room so it wasn’t you, it must have been the tooth fairy . . . she is real!” The shock and awe gave us all goose bumps.

What the children didn't realize was that, earlier that day, a staff member of the hotel had overheard Emily and Christopher talking about how Emily had lost her tooth and always seemed to coincidentally lose them on vacations. At that moment, the employee saw this as an opportunity to provide one of her guests with a remarkable experience that would be never forgotten. To this day, several years later, Emily and Christopher talk about returning to The Montage as it is one of their favorite destinations.

This true story, coupled with other remarkable service experiences, inspired Mark and Bob to establish Montage Wealth Management—a one-of-a-kind financial services firm that shared the same obsession for personable and remarkable service.